UI/UX Design
Flavorus Create/Edit Event Feature
Challenge: Simplify a cluttered create/edit event builder. Fix multiple bugs associated with current one page event create/edit process.
Responsibilities: UX Direction / Design / Sketch / Whiteboard / Research / Project Management
Solution: By breaking the event create/edit process up into three manageable steps, we allow users to focus on an event section by section. Adding the "save to draft" feature allows clients to come back and edit the event in steps, relieving the pressure of entering everything all at once. Separating the flow also allowed for us to fix a number of bugs created from such a complex edit page. We expect the event create/edit process to be smoother with less errors.

When we redesigned the website in 2012, there was a lot of time spent on the create/edit event page. This page is used by clients to create all of their events - it's the most heavily used page on the backend. As Flavorus grew and we add features, the create/edit event page got more complex. With that complexity came UI and technical challenges that made it harder to keep adding features and fixing bugs.

Flavorus Create/Edit Event Feature Sketch
My focus for the early sketches was the progress/nav bar. I went with a large bar that highlighted the section you were on, showed your progress, and let you move between sections.

Clients shouldn’t need a manual to create an event. Software should make your life easier, not harder. We achieved this by taking the guess work out of choosing a delivery method. Flavorus offers many ticket distribution methods... we wanted to take the guess work out of that process for the client. We did this by changing the clients options to reflect the customers experience.

Flavorus Create/Edit Event Feature Whiteboard
From the notebook to the whiteboard to hammer out some more details. The new event bar with quick links started to take shape.

Editing the event should be easier as well. By adding quick links to the dashboard, the client jumps into the edit process in the exact spot they need instead of having to scroll on. It also allows us to set permission per section, which benefits larger clients with many employees.

Flavorus Create/Edit Event Feature Final
Final create/edit event feature - ticket manager page.

One of the major added benefits to this new look is mobile. Forms can be complex and hard to manage on a mobile device; but with three short and sweet sections it seems more manageable. Load times should improve, error will be minimized, and it's easier to identify bugs.