UI/UX Design
Flavorus Web Based Box Office
Challenge: Create a full feature box office solution that allows clients to scan, sell, and pick up tickets, service their customers and check box office stats.
Responsibilities: UX Direction / Design / Sketch / Wireframe / Research / Project Management
Solution: Improve the customer experience at the box office by creating a simple and clutter free interface. Faster lines means happy customers and clients. Create a flexible solution that supports Flavorus continued growth.

Updating the web based box office wasn’t just about matching the visual style to our new website, it was also about making a better product for our clients and customers. The client team works with the box office software all day long, so it made sense to get them involved as much as possible. We started by asking what worked and where the pain points were. We also discussed ways to reduce our will call lines. We found that limiting the will call screen to only one function, adding larger alerts for a valid or invalid ticket, and adding sounds to confirm the action helped to minimize that interaction.

Flavorus Box Office Wireframe
Very early exploration wireframes of the sell tickets page.

The goal was to prototype a solution as fast as possible and start using the app in real life scenarios. We started with a few rounds of wireframes to map out the different pages, and figure out placement on some of the larger elements. Once I had a pretty good idea of the direction, I started spec’ing out the different pages and used proto.io to prototype what we had. After I had a working prototype, I spent a couple days with various members of the client team gathering feedback on the spec. Once I felt like I had enough information to move forward, I iterated on the spec and added some polish to the UI.

Flavorus Box Office Prototype
We used proto.io to create rapid prototypes of the box office flow so we could test and discuss with the client support team.

We launched the new box office in beta for a couple months while we continued to test. I was able to work onsite at one of our LA nightclub clients for a few nights to test out the product first hand. This was invaluable to finding what was working, and what still needed work. By the time we took the beta tag off the box office, we were confident that we had made the right choice.

Flavorus Box Office Final
The final box office app features everything a client needs to run a successful event.